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Here are real life examples of companies we've helped build

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We are actively engaged with former eBay CEO Devin Wenig and Ars Technica Founder Jon Stokes building out the executive team at their new AI startup.

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Lindy AI

We led a Head of AI search that pivoted into a successful Head of Eng search for for Lindy.AI, an AI company creating no code custom AI Assistants with $50 million in funding from Battery, Menlo Ventures, and Coatue. Luiz Scheidegger joined as Head of Engineering in Jan 2024.

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Leading Vertical SAAS Company

We are currently hiring a Catalyst to work directly with the CEO at a leading vertical SaAS real estate studio that has raised more than $30 million. This role is designed to train a future CEO at the company and is located in Austin, TX.

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Stealth Ml-Powered Services Company

We successfully placed a CTO for a stealth, seed stage ML-powered services company. The company will soon announce a significant seed raise.

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Thira Partners placed Christian Vizcaino Jordan as an EIR at leading venture firm 8VC. Vizcaino Jordan is the former Global Head of Trade and Financial Services at Flexport, and SVP of Product at Project44.

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Stealth AI Startup

Work in Progress: Chief Product Officer for stealth AI startup founded with a leading AI Scientist.

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Work by Thira’s Partners prior to Thira

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Along with Mark Mangelsdorf and Adam Ramsey, founder Jared Todd worked with Afresh, an AI-driven vertical Saas startup at its round to find a CTO. The company went on to scale to almost 100 employees, and raised a $100 MM A round from Insight and Spark Capital

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Bloom Energy

Founder Jared Todd, along with former partner John Allan, worked with CEO KR Sridhar to help place the CFO at Bloom Energy. Their Market Cap has almost 10xed since his placement.

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Borderless is a Canadian Company building the best solution for cross border payments. Our founder Jared Todd placed much of their leadership team, including CTO Derrick Isaacson and Chief Business Officer John Salama.

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Computer Vision driven robots that train dogs! Founder Jared Todd helped place Shannon McClenaghan as COO at Seed. The company went on to raise a series A from top investors including Lerer Hippeau.

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Greyscale AI

Founder Jared Todd partnered to place Nat Jhong (former early Tesla employee) as the Series A COO at this computer vision, hardware, and vertical AI company, backed by BCP Venture Partners.

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Founder Jared Todd placed Keith Albee as VP of Sales for Dandelion Energy, a geothermal energy company that has raised over $134 million from Google Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Partners, and NEA.

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Dooly had raised a successful $100 million Series B lead by Spark Capital, Boldstart, and Lachy Groom to disrupt the traditional CRM market. Founder Jared Todd placed their CTO, Yosem Sweet.

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Founder Jared Todd, along with former partners Adam Ramsey and Mark Mangelsdorf, worked with ePallet, a vertical SaAS Marketplace, to place their consulting CTO. The company went on to raise a $5 million seed round from Bowery Capital.

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goTenna is a defense tech company backed by Founders Fund and Union Square Ventures. Our founder helped bring in Elan Frantz as Head of Product, who was later promoted to VP of Product.

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Our founder helped bring in the VP of Platform Product at HMH, a then-public edtech company. HMH was acquired in a successful take private deal by Veritas Capital


iTrade Network

iTradeNetwork is a 9 figure vertical SaAS Marketplace. Founder Jared Todd placed 5 executives in the company, which was highly profitable and growing, focused on the food and ag space.

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Our founder helped place the GM of Product at Latch as it went public. Latch is a hardware and software company backed by Lux Capital and RRE Ventures that creates smart locks.

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Lindy AI

We're currently driving a Head of AI search for Lindy.AI, an AI company creating the first AI executive assistant, with $50 million in funding lead by Battery, Menlo Ventures, and Coatue

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Founder Jared Todd placed the Seed Stage VP of Engineering at Mapistry, a vertical SaAS environmental platform. The company focuses on environmental compliance.

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Our founder helped place the first business hire at Marble Robotics, a robotics and machine learning company started by Carnegie Mellon PhDs that was acquired by Caterpillar

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Along with former Partner John Allan, founder Jared Todd helped place the first  VP of Engineering (Reza Lotun) and Chief Architect (Ariya Hidayat, who was previously VP Eng at Shape Security) at Metabase.

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Modern Intelligence

We are actively leading a VP of Engineering search for Modern Intelligence, an AI company focused on sensor fusion for defense that has raised $8 MM, lead by Geoff Lewis at Bedrock.

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Oasis Labs

Oasis Labs is a crypto company focused on secure compute started by Dr Dawn Song, a legendary computer scientist and UC Berkeley Professor that was backed by Accel and A16z.

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Our founder partnered with Brad Feld and Foundry Group, along with former partner John Allan, to bring in Kevin Stephens as CEO at Occipital, a computer vision-driven company in the home space

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Psi Quantum

Our founder Jared Todd worked closely with leadership team at Psiquantum, a photonic quantum computing company that has raised over $600 Million.

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Quantum Machines

Founder Jared Todd brought in the first three US and go-to-market hires (VP Sales, VP Enterprise, Director of Sales) at Quantum Machines, which went on to raise over $150 million from investors including TLV Partners, Qualcomm, and Meron Ventures

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Revv Up

Founder Jared Todd brought in the technical co-founder at RevvUp, a Seed stage vertical SaAS company backed by Crosslink Capital. RevvUp focuses on the car market in the United States

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Streetlight Data

Streetlight Data was acquired successfully by Jacobs Engineering. The company focused on street level transportation data and had raised $44 million from investors including Macquarie Capital and Osage University Partners

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Symphony AI

Founded by Dr Romesh Wadhwani, Symphony AI is a 9 figure vertical AI company. We brought in their CTO (a former public company CTO) and their SVP of AI, who came from Microsoft. Our founder also assisted on a CEO search that ultimately resulted in the hiring of Sanjay Dhawan, former CEO at Cerence, Inc.

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Founder Jared Todd placed the CFO for Tive, Tyler Hansen. Tive uses hardware trackers to provide true worldwide, end-to-end supply chain visibility and has raised $82 million from AXA, 2 Sigma, and RRE among others

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Urjanet was acquired successfully in 2022 by Arcadia. Our founded helped place their VP of Product. Urjanet is a utility data company.

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Volantio is a machine learning platform for ticketing. Our founder Jared placed Delbert Cope, formerly the CTO at FourKites, a logistics-focused unicorn, as the Series A CTO at Volantio.

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Workramp had just raised a $40 MM Series C lead by Susa, Saleforce Ventures, and others. Jared worked with their CEO and CTO to hire Dan Simon as VP of Engineering.